Top 9 Yoga Pants Manufacturers in USA

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In the world of yoga and fitness, clothing plays an integral role. Comfort, style, and functionality are all aspects that manufacturers need to consider when producing the ideal yoga pant. In recent years, the United States has seen a proliferation of companies specializing in yoga and athletic wear, catering to a growing demographic of fitness enthusiasts and yoga practitioners. This has led to a flourishing market teeming with innovation and high-quality products.

This article will delve into the details of the top nine yoga pants manufacturers in the USA. Our journey will cover each company’s history, their standout products, the manufacturing processes they employ, and the unique qualities that set their yoga pants apart. Let’s unfold the story of these top-tier manufacturers and their contribution to the yoga and fitness industry.


Company Overview

Lululemon Athletica, a leading name in the yoga and fitness industry, had a humble beginning in Vancouver, Canada, in 1998. Founded by Chip Wilson, the company initially functioned as a design studio by day and a yoga studio by night. Over the years, Lululemon has metamorphosed into a multinational corporation, boasting outlets across the globe, while maintaining a significant presence in the USA.

Table 1: Lululemon Overview

Founded InHeadquartersFounder
1998Vancouver, CanadaChip Wilson

Popular Yoga Pant Styles

Lululemon is particularly known for its high-quality, stylish, and durable yoga pants. They have a wide range of yoga pants, but among their most popular styles are:

  1. Align Pant: Known for its buttery-soft Nulu fabric, this style is a favorite amongst yogis for its weightless and unrestricted feel.
  2. Wunder Under Pant: Made from Luxtreme fabric, these pants are sweat-wicking and offer a secure, second-skin fit.

Table 2: Lululemon’s Popular Yoga Pant Styles

Style NameNotable Feature
Align PantButtery-soft Nulu fabric
Wunder Under PantLuxtreme fabric, sweat-wicking
Top 9 Yoga Pants Manufacturers in USA

Manufacturing Process

Lululemon’s manufacturing process combines the latest fabric technology with sustainable practices. The company ensures that their fabrics, including the trademark Luon and Luxtreme, provide the stretch and durability necessary for yoga and other physical activities.

The company also believes in a sustainable and ethical manufacturing process. They have a Vendor Code of Ethics that their manufacturers must follow to ensure fair labor practices, worker safety, and environmental responsibility.

Beyond Yoga

Company Overview

Founded by Jodi Guber Brufsky and Michelle Wahler in 2006, Beyond Yoga prides itself on creating yoga apparel that caters to different body sizes and shapes. They are committed to inclusive sizing, offering styles from XXS to 3X, and their products are all made in the USA.

Table 3: Beyond Yoga Overview

Founded InHeadquartersFounders
2006Los Angeles, USAJodi Guber Brufsky and Michelle Wahler

Popular Yoga Pant Styles

Some of the standout styles from Beyond Yoga are:

  1. Spacedye Caught in the Midi High Waisted Legging: These leggings are ultra-soft and provide a 4-way stretch. The high-waist design is particularly popular for its comfortable and flattering fit.
  2. Luxury Down High Waisted Long Legging: Known for its featherweight feel and quick-drying properties, it’s a go-to for many yoga practitioners.
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Table 4: Beyond Yoga’s Popular Yoga Pant Styles

Style NameNotable Feature
Spacedye Caught in the Midi High Waisted LeggingUltra-soft, 4-way stretch
Luxury Down High Waisted Long LeggingFeatherweight, quick-drying

Manufacturing Process

Beyond Yoga follows a meticulous approach to manufacturing, ensuring their products are made ethically and sustainably. They only work with factories that meet their rigorous standards for ethical workplace conditions. The company also emphasizes the use of low-impact dyes and majority of their materials are locally sourced, supporting the local economy and reducing carbon emissions.


Company Overview

Prana, founded in 1992 by Beaver and Pam Theodosakis, started with a vision of providing sustainable yoga and climbing wear. Operating out of California, Prana believes in creating clothes that work well for any kind of workout and still leave a minimal impact on the environment.

Table 5: Prana Overview

Founded InHeadquartersFounders
1992California, USABeaver and Pam Theodosakis

Popular Yoga Pant Styles

Prana’s collection of yoga pants is renowned for its comfort and sustainability. Two of the most popular styles are:

  1. Momento Aire Leggings: These are lightweight, offer four-way stretch, and are made of recycled nylon blend fabric.
  2. Transform Legging: Made of moisture-wicking fabric with a wide waistband, these are perfect for high-intensity yoga sessions.

Table 6: Prana’s Popular Yoga Pant Styles

Style NameNotable Feature
Momento Aire LeggingsLightweight, recycled nylon blend fabric
Transform LeggingMoisture-wicking fabric, wide waistband

Manufacturing Process

Prana is committed to sustainability and ethical manufacturing. They use materials like organic cotton, recycled wool, hemp, recycled polyester, and responsibly sourced down in their products. Prana also ensures fair trade and ethical working conditions throughout their supply chain.


Company Overview

Founded in 1998, Athleta has grown into a well-known brand under Gap Inc. With a focus on creating versatile and sustainable performance wear, Athleta offers a wide range of yoga pants that cater to diverse body types and sizes.

Table 7: Athleta Overview

Founded InHeadquartersParent Company
1998California, USAGap Inc.

Popular Yoga Pant Styles

Among Athleta’s wide array of yoga pants, two styles stand out for their popularity:

  1. Elation 7/8 Tight: This pant features Powervita fabric that is buttery soft to touch and offers gentle compression.
  2. Salutation Stash Pocket II 7/8 Tight: These leggings are known for their incredibly soft Powervita fabric and handy stash pockets.

Table 8: Athleta’s Popular Yoga Pant Styles

Style NameNotable Feature
Elation 7/8 TightPowervita fabric, gentle compression
Salutation Stash Pocket II 7/8 TightPowervita fabric, stash pockets

Manufacturing Process

Athleta is committed to the goal of using 80% sustainable fibers in their products by 2020 and becoming 100% water-saving by 2023. They are also dedicated to fair trade and ensuring their products are made in safe and humane working conditions.

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Top 9 Yoga Pants Manufacturers in USA


Company Overview

Established in 1997 by Peter Sterios, Manduka was born out of a simple idea: to create superior, well-crafted yoga gear. Today, Manduka is known for its quality yoga mats, clothing, and accessories. The company’s name is derived from the Mandukasana (Frog Pose), reflecting the yoga-centric philosophy of the brand.

Table 9: Manduka Overview

Founded InHeadquartersFounder
1997El Segundo, California, USAPeter Sterios

Popular Yoga Pant Styles

Manduka has a comprehensive range of yoga wear. Two standout yoga pant styles are:

  1. Essential Legging: These leggings are made with a fabric blend of polyester and elastane, offering stretch and durability.
  2. Liberty Yoga Pant: Known for their comfortable fit and lightweight feel, perfect for every yoga pose.

Table 10: Manduka’s Popular Yoga Pant Styles

Style NameNotable Feature
Essential LeggingPolyester and elastane blend
Liberty Yoga PantComfortable fit, lightweight

Manufacturing Process

Manduka prioritizes sustainability throughout their manufacturing process. They use fabrics made from recycled polyester, organic cotton, and/or plant-based materials. Furthermore, Manduka is committed to reducing environmental waste in all stages of a product’s lifecycle, from design to packaging and delivery.

Alo Yoga

Company Overview

Alo Yoga, a high-end yoga wear brand based in Los Angeles, was founded in 2007 by Danny Harris and Marco DeGeorge. The name Alo stems from “Air, Land, Ocean” encapsulating the brand’s holistic approach to health and wellness.

Table 11: Alo Yoga Overview

Founded InHeadquartersFounders
2007Los Angeles, USADanny Harris and Marco DeGeorge

Popular Yoga Pant Styles

Alo Yoga is celebrated for its fashionable and functional yoga pants. Two popular styles include:

  1. High-Waist Airlift Legging: Known for lifting, sculpting, and smoothing, providing an excellent fit.
  2. Moto Legging: With quilted stitching and mixed matte fabric, it’s a blend of style and comfort.

Table 12: Alo Yoga’s Popular Yoga Pant Styles

Style NameNotable Feature
High-Waist Airlift LeggingLifting, sculpting, smoothing
Moto LeggingQuilted stitching, mixed matte fabric

Manufacturing Process

Alo Yoga ensures that their manufacturing processes are socially compliant, involving fair, legal, and safe working conditions. The brand uses eco-friendly dyes and takes initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, including solar power in its headquarters and electric car charging stations in their parking lots.

Under Armour

Company Overview

Founded by Kevin Plank in 1996, Under Armour has revolutionized the performance gear industry with its innovative moisture-wicking fabric designs. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Under Armour is a worldwide company offering a wide range of athletic wear, including yoga pants.

Table 13: Under Armour Overview

Founded InHeadquartersFounder
1996Baltimore, Maryland, USAKevin Plank

Popular Yoga Pant Styles

Under Armour offers a variety of yoga pants designed to meet the diverse needs of athletes. Two popular styles include:

  1. UA Meridian Leggings: Known for their soft, comfortable fabric and versatile design.
  2. UA Qualifier Ignight ColdGear® Tights: Designed for colder climates, these tights feature dual-layer fabric that provides warmth and dries quickly.
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Table 14: Under Armour’s Popular Yoga Pant Styles

Style NameNotable Feature
UA Meridian LeggingsSoft, comfortable fabric
UA Qualifier Ignight ColdGear® TightsDual-layer fabric for warmth

Manufacturing Process

Under Armour’s manufacturing process is founded on innovation and high standards. They strive to continuously innovate to enhance the performance and comfort of their products. They have also been focusing on sustainability efforts, including sourcing environmentally-friendly materials and ensuring responsible manufacturing processes.

Top 9 Yoga Pants Manufacturers in USA


Company Overview

Onzie (pronounced own-zee) was founded in 2010 in Venice Beach, California. Its philosophy is “keep your practice challenging and your wardrobe simple,” reflected in the brand’s fusion of functionality and style in their yoga wear.

Table 15: Onzie Overview

Founded InHeadquartersFounders
2010Venice Beach, California, USAKimberly Swarth

Popular Yoga Pant Styles

Onzie’s yoga pants are known for their creativity and bold prints. The standout styles include:

  1. High Rise Legging: With a high waistband and form-fitting design, these leggings offer both style and comfort.
  2. Weekend Jogger: This is a more relaxed style, perfect for restorative yoga or lounging at home.

Table 16: Onzie’s Popular Yoga Pant Styles

Style NameNotable Feature
High Rise LeggingHigh waistband, form-fitting
Weekend JoggerRelaxed style, comfort-oriented

Manufacturing Process

Onzie takes pride in being an environmentally conscious brand, with all products made in the USA to reduce carbon footprint. They utilize Free-Flow Fabric Technology for breathability and quick-drying, ensuring comfort in all poses and practices.

Outdoor Voices

Company Overview

Outdoor Voices was founded in 2014 by Tyler Haney in Austin, Texas. The company’s aim is to inspire more people to be active on a regular basis. They make clothing that supports adventures and “Doing Things” — their motto — which includes yoga.

Table 17: Outdoor Voices Overview

Founded InHeadquartersFounder
2014Austin, Texas, USATyler Haney

Popular Yoga Pant Styles

Outdoor Voices offers a collection of yoga pants that blend style with comfort. The popular styles include:

  1. TechSweat™ 7/8 Leggings: Known for its comfortable fabric and high waistband.
  2. FreeForm 7/8 Hi-Rise Leggings: Renowned for being sweat-wicking and super flexible, perfect for hot yoga classes.

Manufacturing Process

Outdoor Voices focuses on sustainable practices throughout its supply chain. They use materials like recycled polyester and wool, and are committed to increasing their use of sustainable materials. They also have strict standards for suppliers to ensure ethical treatment of workers.

Top 9 Yoga Pants Manufacturers in USA

The yoga pants industry in the USA is populated with numerous brands offering a range of styles, materials, and manufacturing processes. From Lululemon’s Align Pants, known for their comfort and design, to Alo Yoga’s fashionable High-Waist Airlift Leggings, and Under Armour’s versatile UA Meridian Leggings, there’s a style and brand to suit every yogi.

Moreover, a significant trend among these brands is a commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. Brands like Prana, Athleta, Manduka, and Outdoor Voices prioritize the use of sustainable materials and fair trade practices, demonstrating the industry’s growing awareness towards environmental and social responsibility.

Table 19: Conclusion – Comparison of Brands

BrandsNotable StylesSustainability & Ethics
LululemonAlign Pant, Wunder Under PantReusable bags, Energy & Carbon reduction initiative
Beyond YogaSpacedye Caught in the Midi High Waisted Legging, Alloy Ombre High Waisted LeggingFemale-founded, Inclusive sizes
PranaMomento Aire Leggings, Transform LeggingUse of sustainable materials, Fair Trade
AthletaElation 7/8 Tight, Salutation Stash Pocket II 7/8 TightUse of sustainable materials, Fair Trade
MandukaEssential Legging, Liberty Yoga PantUse of sustainable materials, Reduced environmental waste
Alo YogaHigh-Waist Airlift Legging, Moto LeggingSocial compliance, Eco-friendly practices
Under ArmourUA Meridian Leggings, UA Qualifier Ignight ColdGear® TightsInnovation, Environmentally-friendly sourcing
OnzieHigh Rise Legging, Weekend JoggerMade in the USA, Free-Flow Fabric Technology
Outdoor VoicesTechSweat™ 7/8 Leggings, FreeForm 7/8 Hi-Rise LeggingsUse of sustainable materials, Supplier standards

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a novice, knowing about the top manufacturers can help you make an informed choice about your next pair of yoga pants. Remember to consider the fit, material, and your personal style, but also take into account the values of the company you’re buying from. Happy shopping!


1. Q: What are some popular yoga pants styles from Lululemon?

A: Some popular styles from Lululemon include the Align Pant and Wunder Under Pant.

2. Q: How is sustainability incorporated into the manufacturing process of yoga pants?

A: Many brands incorporate sustainability by using recycled or organic materials, reducing environmental waste, and implementing fair trade practices.

3. Q: Which brand offers yoga pants with the most creative designs?

A: Onzie is known for its creative and bold prints in its yoga pants designs.

4. Q: What are some notable styles from Alo Yoga?

A: Alo Yoga is celebrated for its High-Waist Airlift Legging and Moto Legging.

5. Q: How does Under Armour enhance the performance of their yoga pants?

A: Under Armour continuously innovates to enhance the performance and comfort of their products, such as using special fabric for warmth and quick drying.

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