Discover the Best Clothing Manufacturers & Suppliers in the Netherlands

Unveiling the Pioneers of Dutch Fashion: Top Clothing Manufacturers & Suppliers

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The Netherlands, known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal systems, and well-maintained cycling paths, is also a front runner in the global fashion industry. The Dutch fashion industry may not have the recognition of Italian or French fashion, but it is steadily gaining a reputation for innovative designs and sustainable practices.

The following table provides a snapshot of the current state of the Netherlands’ clothing industry:

Clothing Industry IndicatorDetails
Market Size€7 billion (approx) in 2022
Export Earnings€5.5 billion (approx) in 2022
Top Export MarketsGermany, France, UK
Number of Fashion DesignersOver 6,500 (approx)
Major Clothing BrandsG-Star RAW, Scotch & Soda, Denham

This article is a comprehensive guide to the eight best clothing manufacturers and suppliers in the Netherlands. We have meticulously researched and compiled a list, considering factors such as their expertise, design prowess, quality standards, and commitment to sustainability.

Discover the Best Clothing Manufacturers & Suppliers in the Netherlands

Clothing Industry in the Netherlands

The Netherlands boasts a dynamic and growing clothing industry, celebrated for its design ingenuity, high-quality production, and focus on sustainability. This vibrant industry has shown resilience and adaptability, having weathered challenges such as changing consumer demands and global economic downturns.

Key TraitsDescription
Design IngenuityDutch clothing brands are famed for their creativity, often blending traditional Dutch aesthetics with contemporary design principles.
High-quality ProductionQuality is a standout feature of the Dutch clothing industry. They prioritize well-made, durable products over mass-produced, disposable items.
Sustainability FocusMany Dutch clothing brands are taking the lead in sustainable fashion, implementing eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and utilizing ethically sourced materials.

Top 8 Clothing Manufacturers & Suppliers in the Netherlands

In this chapter, we delve into the specifics of eight leading clothing manufacturers and suppliers in the Netherlands. Each brand’s distinctive qualities, core competencies, and contribution to the Dutch clothing landscape will be analyzed.

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1. WAHTS Menswear

WAHTS is an upscale menswear brand, celebrated for seamlessly merging comfort with a sophisticated style. This brand is renowned for its refined casualwear, expertly designed for modern men who appreciate the fusion of style and functionality.

Key FactsWAHTS Menswear
Product RangeLuxury menswear
Unique Selling PointBlend of comfort and sophisticated style

2. Denham

Established in 2008 by Jeanmaker Jason Denham, Denham the Jeanmaker is a brand rooted in the tradition of denim. They’re renowned for their innovative designs and the iconic scissor logo, symbolizing their dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Key FactsDenham
Product RangeDenim, Menswear, Womenswear
Unique Selling PointHigh-quality denim, Unique scissor logo

3. G-Star RAW

G-Star RAW is a powerhouse in the global denim industry. Launched in 1989, the brand offers groundbreaking denim designs through constant innovation and creativity.

Key FactsG-Star RAW
Product RangeDenim, Streetwear
Unique Selling PointInnovation in denim design

4. Scotch & Soda

Scotch & Soda is an Amsterdam-based fashion brand that delivers uniquely detailed, high-quality apparel for men, women, and children. Their designs, characterized by individuality and surprise, appeal to a broad audience.

Key FactsScotch & Soda
Product RangeMenswear, Womenswear, Kidswear
Unique Selling PointUniquely detailed designs

5. Van Gils

Van Gils is one of the oldest and most prestigious menswear brands in the Netherlands. Since its inception in 1948, Van Gils has been synonymous with stylish, quality menswear, reflecting Dutch design traditions.

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Key FactsVan Gils
Product RangeMenswear
Unique Selling PointTimeless, stylish designs

6. Suitsupply

Launched in 2000, Suitsupply is a market leader in providing modern men with high-quality suits. The brand distinguishes itself with its focus on personal tailoring services and exceptional customer experience.

Key FactsSuitsupply
Product RangeSuits, Menswear
Unique Selling PointPersonal tailoring, Exceptional customer service

7. Stitchd

Stitchd is a leading textile company in the Netherlands, supplying top-quality materials and designs to numerous renowned brands across the globe. While not a brand itself, Stitchd’s contributions to the fashion industry cannot be overlooked.

Key FactsStitchd
Product RangeTextiles
Unique Selling PointHigh-quality material supply

8. Daily Paper

Daily Paper is a fashion and lifestyle brand deeply rooted in African culture. Started in 2012, the brand has quickly gained international recognition for its authentic, culturally infused designs.

Key FactsDaily Paper
Product RangeStreetwear
Unique Selling PointDesigns influenced by African culture
Discover the Best Clothing Manufacturers & Suppliers in the Netherlands

Criteria for Choosing a Clothing Manufacturer or Supplier

When selecting a clothing manufacturer or supplier, it’s crucial to consider several key factors. Your decision should not solely depend on the cost, but also on their ability to meet your specific requirements and standards. Here are some essential criteria:

ExperienceExperience plays a significant role in the manufacturer’s understanding of the industry, handling various fabrics, and navigating potential production challenges.
Quality ControlA competent manufacturer should have robust quality control procedures in place to ensure the final product aligns with your quality standards.
Production CapacityYour manufacturer should have the capacity to meet your production needs. This is particularly important for large-scale orders.
Lead TimeUnderstand the manufacturer’s lead times to ensure they align with your schedule. Timeliness is crucial in the fashion industry.
Sustainability PracticesWith increasing consumer awareness about sustainability, choosing a manufacturer with eco-friendly practices can be a significant advantage.

The Future of the Clothing Industry in the Netherlands

The Dutch clothing industry’s future looks promising, with a growing focus on innovation, sustainability, and digitalization. Here are some key trends to watch:

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Future TrendsDescription
Sustainable PracticesDutch manufacturers are leading the charge towards more sustainable and ethically sourced clothing production.
Innovative DesignsThe Netherlands is becoming a hub for design innovation, with an increasing number of brands focusing on creative, out-of-the-box designs.
DigitalizationFrom online shopping to virtual fittings, the Dutch clothing industry is embracing digital technologies, transforming the way businesses operate and interact with customers.
Discover the Best Clothing Manufacturers & Suppliers in the Netherlands


The Dutch clothing industry is an exciting landscape, brimming with innovative brands and forward-thinking manufacturers. The Netherlands’ commitment to quality, design, and sustainability sets it apart in the global fashion industry. This article highlighted eight top clothing manufacturers and suppliers, each contributing uniquely to the Dutch fashion narrative.

Whether you’re a fashion designer, an entrepreneur, or an enthusiast, these eight brands provide invaluable insights into the industry’s essence. By choosing a manufacturer that aligns with your brand values and aesthetic, you can contribute positively to the vibrant and ever-evolving Dutch clothing scene.


Q1: What makes Dutch clothing manufacturers unique?

A: Dutch clothing manufacturers stand out for their high-quality production, innovative designs, and a strong commitment to sustainability. They balance traditional aesthetics with modern design principles, resulting in unique and eye-catching clothing.

Q2: What are some famous Dutch clothing brands?

A: Some well-known Dutch clothing brands include G-Star RAW, Scotch & Soda, Denham, Van Gils, and Suitsupply, among others. These brands have made significant contributions to the Dutch and global fashion scenes.

Q3: What is the focus of the Dutch clothing industry?

A: The Dutch clothing industry is highly focused on design ingenuity, high-quality production, and sustainability. Dutch brands are known for their creative designs, durable products, and eco-friendly practices.

Q4: How is the future of the Dutch clothing industry shaping up?

A: The Dutch clothing industry’s future looks promising, with a growing emphasis on sustainability, innovative design, and digitalization. Dutch manufacturers are pushing for more sustainable practices, while brands are focusing on creative designs and harnessing digital technology.

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