The Ultimate Guide to Finding Online Clothing Store Discount Codes

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With the rise of ecommerce, online clothing shopping has become increasingly popular thanks to the convenience and selection it offers. However, buying clothes online also comes with the risk of not being able to try them on or inspect quality. This is where discount codes come in handy – they allow you to save money on online clothing purchases and make the deals more tempting. Discount codes incentivize shoppers to buy from an online store by offering percent-off or dollar-off discounts. With the variety of coupon codes available, smart shoppers can end up scoring significant savings on their online clothing hauls.

Discount codes and promo codes are highly sought after in the world of online clothing retail. Stores realize the power of offering deals and consumers love the thrill of saving money. Sitewide discounts, category specific promos, first-time customer offers, seasonal sales and more allow shoppers to get the brands and items they want while staying within budget. This article will explore the different types of clothing store discount codes available, where to find them, and tips to maximize savings when using codes for online clothing purchases.

Types of Online Clothing Store Discount Codes

There are a variety of different discount codes offered by various online clothing retailers. Here are some of the most common types of coupon codes you’ll come across:

Sitewide Discount Codes – These codes apply a percent or dollar amount off your entire purchase site-wide. They usually have a minimum purchase requirement and some exclusions may apply. Sitewide codes offer the most savings.

Category Specific Codes – Some codes are restricted to certain departments or product categories only. There may be a promo code just for swimwear, dresses, shoes or accessories rather than the whole site.

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New Customer Promo Codes – Retailers offer special discount codes just for first-time shoppers to incentivize signing up. These usually give a percent or dollar amount off your first order.

Email Signup Codes – Providing your email address allows retailers to send promotion codes and discounts. Many stores offer a coupon code just for joining their mailing list.

Referral/Affiliate Codes – Current customers can share special promo codes with friends that give a discount for both parties. Influencers also have their own custom codes.

Seasonal and Holiday Codes – Major holidays and seasons like back-to-school, winter holidays and summer break will have their own promo codes.

Where to Find Online Clothing Store Discount Codes

Once you know what kinds of coupon codes to look for, next comes finding active working codes to maximize your savings on clothing purchases. Here are the top places to scout deals:

Directly on the Retailer’s Website – Most ecommerce stores feature a promo code field during checkout and advertise any current deals on their website. Checking a retailer’s own site first is always a good idea.

Deals Websites and Apps – Platforms like RetailMeNot, Groupon and others compile codes for hundreds of stores in one place for convenience. The mobile apps make accessing codes on-the-go easy.

Coupon Blogs and Dedicated Promo Code Sites – Many blogs and websites like are dedicated specifically to featuring the latest coupon codes and sales from top retailers.

Social Media Channels – Follow your favorite clothing brands on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter where they will often promote discounts. Flash sales get advertised directly on social media.

Influencers, Brand Ambassadors and Affiliate Partners – Follow style influencers who partner with clothing brands to get access to their exclusive promo codes and advertised deals.

Browser Extensions and Add-Ons – You can install browser extensions like Honey that will automatically apply available coupon codes and cashback offers at checkout.

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Maximize Savings with Discount Codes

To get the most bang for your buck when shopping online, keep these tips in mind:

Read Code Terms – Be sure to review the fine print so you understand any exclusions, minimum spends or expiration dates associated with a code.

Stack Codes and Combine With Sales – Check if any current sales or promotions can be combined with coupon codes for maximum discounts.

Check Multiple Sources – Codes found on a retailer’s site, through an influencer or on a third party deals platform may differ so check them all.

Test Codes Before Purchase – It never hurts to copy and paste a code into the promo field before purchasing to ensure it works.

Use Codes on Big Ticket Items – The more expensive the item, the greater the savings so use codes strategically on big purchases.

Apply Codes Before Taxes and Shipping – Make sure discounts are applied before additional charges like taxes and shipping fees are added during checkout.


Using promo codes and other discounts for online clothing shopping allows you to get designer and name brand items at affordable prices. Sitewide discounts, category promos, new customer codes and seasonal sales offer percent and dollar off savings if you know where to look for active codes. Check retailer websites, deals platforms, blogs, social media and more to compile a list of codes before purchasing items. Read code terms thoroughly, stack multiple discounts when possible and apply them strategically on big ticket items to maximize savings. Use the tips in this article to score huge savings on your next online clothing haul.


Q: Are there any risks to using discount codes from third party sites?

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A: Stick to reputable and well-known coupon sites that verify codes to avoid invalid or fraudulent codes. Check codes manually as well before purchasing.

Q: How often do online clothing retailers update their discount codes?

A: Most major retailers update codes frequently, sometimes weekly or monthly. Holidays and peak seasons see the most new promo codes.

Q: Can I use multiple discount codes from different sources on one purchase?

A: It depends on the retailer’s policy. Some allow stacking codes, others allow just one promo per purchase. Check terms and experiment at checkout.

Q: Where can I find discount codes for lesser known or boutique clothing brands?

A: Influencer codes and browser extensions that search for available codes can help uncover deals for smaller brands.

Q: Are discount codes only for new customers or one time use?

A: While some codes are for first purchases, many can be used on multiple orders or have no shopper restrictions at all.

Q: Which type of codes offer the biggest savings on average?

A: Sitewide and percent-off codes tend to provide the highest discounts compared to category or dollar amount codes.

Q: Is it better to use codes on full-price or sale items?

A: Stacking a code with already discounted sale items can lead to even bigger savings on clothing purchases.

Q: Do I need to sign up for email newsletters to access discount codes?

A: While email lists provide great coupons, you can often find active codes on other deal sites without needing to share your email.

Q: What is the average discount for online clothing promo codes?

A: Most clothing codes range from 15-25% off, with some offering 30% or more, especially during peak sales seasons.

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