Top Hooded Cloak Manufacturers in China for Print-on-Demand Products

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Hooded cloaks have become an increasingly popular garment in recent years. Their dramatic, flowing shape and hood make them ideal for costume parties, festivals, and anyone looking to add some medieval flair to their wardrobe. For online retailers or small businesses looking to sell hooded cloaks, finding the right supplier is key.

In this article, we will explore the top hooded cloak suppliers in China and provide tips on how to choose the right one for your business. China is a major hub for garment production and home to many cloak exporters. We will look at factors like quality, reliability, pricing, and capability in helping you select the ideal partner for your hood cloak print-on-demand needs. With the right supplier, you can access beautiful high-margin products and make your store stand out.

Let’s begin by understanding exactly what hooded cloaks are and why retailers may want to sell them.

What are Hooded Cloaks?

Hooded cloaks are a form of outerwear consisting of a long, loose-fitting cloak with an integrated hood. They have an elongating silhouette with drapey fabric that evokes medieval or fantasy aesthetics.

The hood is the defining feature of a hooded cloak. The hood can be pulled up over the head for added warmth, protection, and an air of mystery. Hoods come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small hoods that frame the face to oversized hoods with room for the whole head.

Hooded cloaks are usually made of woven fabrics like velvet, wool, or cotton. The fabrics are dense and heavy to provide insulation, but the cut of the garment allows room for layering clothes underneath. Thicker fabrics hold their shape better, contributing to the structured drape that gives hooded cloaks their quintessential look.

In terms of length, hooded cloaks typically fall to around knee level or below. Shorter cloak lengths are sometimes seen as well. The most common silhouette is a rounded or A-line cut, but rectangular, oblong, and oval shapes can also be found.

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Beyond the basic elements of a hood and long length, cloaks can include additional features like front clasps, embroidered trim, integrated arm slits, or voluminous sleeves. Color and detailing becomes an opportunity for personalization and customization.

Why Sell Hooded Cloaks?

Hooded cloaks have mass appeal as a novelty garment for costumes and themed events. They are eye-catching and lend themselves well to themes like medieval, fantasy, occult, and gothic. Cloaks are popular for:

  • Halloween costumes
  • Renaissance fairs
  • Cosplay or LARP (live action role playing) events
  • Music festivals
  • Themed parties
  • Steampunk, goth, and Victorian fashion
  • Proms or formals with a dramatic flair
  • Weddings with a fantasy or medieval theme

Beyond costumes and events, hooded cloaks also hold everyday appeal:

  • The billowing silhouette serves as a stylish outer layer for day or night.
  • Cloaks are artistic, artisanal garments that demonstrate fashion-forward style.
  • Natural fabrics like wool make them functional cool weather outerwear.
  • The mysterious vibe suits those who like dark academic, mori girl, or witchcore aesthetics.
  • Hoods amp up the coziness and comfort.

In short, hooded cloaks have year-round versatility for functional uses, theatrical fun, and making bold fashion statements. They offer an eye-catching product with profit margins that beat commoditized items like t-shirts. With the right supplier, you can access high quality cloaks to serve this diverse demand.

Top Hooded Cloak Suppliers in China

China is home to a huge diversity of garment factories and textile exporters. When it comes to hooded cloaks, these top suppliers stand out for their capabilities and specializations:

Yunnan Ouli Garment Co.

  • Located in Yunnan Province, they excel at natural fabrics like wool, cotton, and linen.
  • Offer customizable embroidery and trim details.
  • MOQs as low as 100 units.
  • Known for high-quality, durable cloak construction.

Shanghai Hill & Bay Clothing

  • Specialists in velvet cloaks with rich colors and textures.
  • Provide design services and pattern making.
  • MOQs around 500 units.
  • Work with major platforms like Etsy and Amazon.

Guandong Zeus Garments

  • Massive factory with capabilities for tens of thousands of units per order.
  • Offer every fabric option from faux fur to satin.
  • Great for buyers wanting custom prints and wild colors.
  • Higher MOQs from 1000 units.
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Jiangsu Riho Knitwear Co.

  • Specialize in knit and crochet cloaks.
  • Offer lightweight open and lacy looks.
  • Excel at volume orders for basics like black hoodies.
  • MOQs in the 2000 unit range.

Fujian Harfox Imp & Exp Co.

  • Known for premium quality and strict standards.
  • Capable of intricate detailing and embellishments.
  • Smaller MOQs possible in the few hundreds.
  • Charge higher costs but deliver guaranteed quality.

How to Choose the Right Hooded Cloak Supplier

When sourcing hooded cloaks for your business, you want to assess potential suppliers across a few key criteria:

Product Quality

  • Examine existing product samples and read customer reviews to evaluate factors like materials, construction, stitching, and durability.
  • Request lab testing data on elements like colorfastness and shrinkage.
  • Ask about quality control procedures and inspection protocols.
  • Prioritize suppliers known for consistency and attention to detail.


  • Consider range of fabrics, colors, sizes, and embellishments.
  • Review capacity for customization and small batch orders.
  • Make sure they have experience with cloaks specifically.
  • Choose based on your volume needs and product complexity.

Reliability & Communication

  • Look for responsiveness and clarity in initial contacts.
  • Ask about production timelines and on-time delivery rates.
  • Review policies for order changes, defects, and delays.
  • Time zone gaps can complicate coordination.

Pricing & MOQs

  • Compare pricing tiers based on order volumes.
  • Understand their minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements.
  • Request discounts for large orders or long-term partnerships.
  • Weigh cost differences against product quality.

Questions to Ask Potential Suppliers

When evaluating potential hooded cloak suppliers, ask targeted questions to assess their capabilities, quality, and reliability. Key questions include:

  • What style and fabrics of hooded cloaks have you produced previously? Ask to see product samples.
  • What is your minimum order quantity? Do you offer discounts for large or repeat orders?
  • How long have you been manufacturing hooded cloaks? How many similar orders have you fulfilled?
  • Can you provide examples and references from past cloak buyers and garment clients?
  • What quality control checks do you perform during production and before shipment?
  • What is your expected production time for orders of various sizes? How reliable is your shipping timeliness?
  • Do you offer design assistance or fabric recommendations if we provide cloak specifications?
  • Are there opportunities for customization through fabrics, embroidery, trim additions, etc?
  • Do you have in-house designers or sample makers who can help develop new cloak styles?
  • What do you do if defects are identified during manufacturing or after delivery?
  • How can we arrange virtual video tours or on-site visits to your factory if desired?
  • For issues with orders, communication, or product quality – who is the point of contact?
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Asking detailed questions and reviewing comprehensive responses can help verify a supplier’s strengths and reveal any areas of concern. Be sure to follow up with current client references as well to further validate capabilities. Taking the time upfront helps ensure a strong partnership.

Negotiating With Suppliers

Once you’ve vetted suppliers and selected some top contenders, the negotiation process begins. Effective negotiations lead to better pricing, terms, and an overall stronger business relationship. Use these tips when negotiating your hooded cloak order:

  • Come prepared with target quantities, design specs, timelines, and cost expectations. Suppliers respond better when you are organized.
  • Get quotes from multiple suppliers to compare pricing at different volumes. Leverage this when negotiating to get the best deal.
  • Offer to order in bulk or commit to long-term partnerships in exchange for lower per unit costs. Highlight future potential business.
  • Ask about payment terms. See if you can get more flexible deposit requirements or faster payment timeframes.
  • Request free or discounted samples to confirm product quality before committing to a large order.
  • If quoted costs are above budget, respectfully ask if there is any flexibility or possibility of a discount.
  • Offer incentives like prompt payments, referrals, predictable ordering, or opportunities to showcase their work.
  • Maintain professionalism and patience at all times. Never make unreasonable demands or threats.
  • Express appreciation for their time and effort when an agreement is reached. This starts the relationship off positively.

With preparation and thoughtful negotiations, you can develop a mutually beneficial partnership with a hooded cloak supplier. Align on great pricing for quality products delivered reliably.

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