China’s Top 12 Underwear Manufacturers: A Comprehensive Analysis

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Undergarments, the foundation of every wardrobe, often go unnoticed but are integral to fashion, comfort, and hygiene. The global lingerie market was valued at $29.9 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach an astounding $59.15 billion by 2026. Central to this growth is the largest producer of lingerie worldwide – China. This article aims to bring you a comprehensive overview of the leading underwear manufacturers in China, dissecting their histories, products, strengths, and weaknesses. Whether you’re a potential partner, consumer, or simply interested in the industry, this guide will serve as a valuable resource.

Why China is the Leading Underwear Manufacturer

China’s rise to the forefront of the global underwear manufacturing industry is no accident. It is a result of several factors working in conjunction.

  1. Manufacturing Infrastructure: China boasts a robust and advanced manufacturing sector. Its infrastructure is capable of handling large-scale production runs while maintaining cost-effectiveness and quality.
  2. Skilled Labor: China is home to a massive, skilled workforce experienced in textile manufacturing. This workforce can swiftly adapt to market trends and new technologies, making the Chinese lingerie industry versatile and resilient.
  3. Cost-Effective Production: Lower labor and raw material costs in China allow for cost-effective production without compromising on product quality.
  4. Strategic Geographic Location: China’s geographic position enables easy access to key international shipping routes, aiding in global distribution.

In the following chapter, we will delve deeper into the leading underwear manufacturers contributing to China’s dominance in this industry.

Manufacturing InfrastructureAdvanced facilities capable of large-scale, efficient production
Skilled LaborVersatile, experienced workforce
Cost-Effective ProductionLower labor and raw material costs
Strategic Geographic LocationConvenient access to international shipping routes

Top 12 Underwear Manufacturers in China

  1. Victoria’s Secret (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.: A subsidiary of L Brands, Inc., Victoria’s Secret’s Shanghai division is a premium player in the market, providing luxury lingerie for the discerning Chinese customer. They offer a wide array of products, from bras and panties to loungewear and beauty products, each embodying sophistication and style.
  2. Triumph (Shenzhen) Underwear Co. Ltd.: Known globally for their superior fit and comfort, Triumph’s Shenzhen division maintains their tradition of quality, while adapting to the local market’s preferences. Their diverse range includes sports bras, maternity wear, and shapewear, with an emphasis on functionality and design.
  3. Aimer (Beijing) Underwear Co. Ltd.: Established in 1993, Aimer is a local giant in the underwear market, well-regarded for high-quality materials and cutting-edge design. Their comprehensive product range includes women’s bras and panties, men’s underwear, and children’s underwear, each designed with a distinct contemporary flair.
  4. Nanjiren (Nanjing) Underwear Co. Ltd.: Founded in 1995, Nanjiren is a popular brand in the Chinese market known for its commitment to comfort and affordability. They offer a wide range of underwear for men, women, and children, and are particularly recognized for their thermal underwear.
  5. Cosmo Lady (Dongguan) Underwear Co. Ltd.: As China’s largest underwear manufacturer, Cosmo Lady is a market leader renowned for its trendy designs and attractive price point. Their product portfolio includes bras, panties, sleepwear, loungewear, and swimwear, all designed to appeal to a youthful, fashion-conscious demographic.
  6. Maniform (Shenzhen) Underwear Co. Ltd.: A subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based Top Form International Limited, Maniform is known for its reliable quality and elegant designs. The company offers a variety of underwear, including bras, panties, and shapewear, designed to enhance comfort and confidence.
  7. Gujin (Shanghai) Underwear Co. Ltd.: Established in 1994, Gujin is one of China’s leading lingerie brands, known for its exquisite design and impeccable quality. The company specializes in bras, panties, and shapewear that exude elegance and sophistication.
  8. Gracewell (Guangzhou) Underwear Co. Ltd.: Founded in 1980, Gracewell is a pioneer in China’s underwear industry. The company is renowned for its quality control, attention to detail, and range of products including bras, panties, and shapewear that cater to the needs of a diverse customer base.
  9. Oleno Group (Shantou) Co. Ltd.: With over 40 years of experience, Oleno Group is a global leader in the lingerie industry. The company is celebrated for its innovative design, superior quality, and diverse range of products including bras, panties, and swimwear.
  10. Huijie (Shantou) Underwear Co. Ltd.: Huijie is a reputable underwear manufacturer with a wide range of products including bras, panties, men’s underwear, and sleepwear. They are known for their comfortable designs, quality materials, and competitive pricing.
  11. Embry Form (Hong Kong) Underwear Co. Ltd.: A renowned underwear brand, Embry Form is known for its innovation, high-quality materials, and designs that seamlessly blend functionality with fashion. They offer a wide array of products, including bras, panties, shapewear, and swimwear.
  12. Sunflora (Fuzhou) Underwear Co. Ltd.: Sunflora is a rapidly emerging underwear manufacturer in China. They offer a wide range of products, from bras and panties to sleepwear and loungewear, which are praised for their quality, comfort, and modern design.
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Each of these manufacturers has carved out a unique niche within the vast underwear market in China, contributing to the country’s dominant position in the global industry. Understanding their individual strengths and approaches offers invaluable insights into the workings of this dynamic sector.

Comprehensive Analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Top 12 Manufacturers

  1. Victoria’s Secret (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.:
    • Strengths: Superior product quality, strong global brand recognition, effective high-profile marketing strategies, and a diverse product range.
    • Weaknesses: High price point may deter some cost-conscious customers, and classic styles may not always align with fast-changing fashion trends.
  2. Triumph (Shenzhen) Underwear Co. Ltd.:
    • Strengths: Proven reputation for comfort and fit, diverse product portfolio, and a long-standing history of quality craftsmanship.
    • Weaknesses: Less known among younger demographics, and designs may be perceived as traditional compared to trendier competitors.
  3. Aimer (Beijing) Underwear Co. Ltd.:
    • Strengths: Strong brand recognition domestically, use of high-quality materials, modern and stylish designs, and a commitment to technological innovation.
    • Weaknesses: Stiff competition from international brands, and a need to strengthen global marketing strategies.
  4. Nanjiren (Nanjing) Underwear Co. Ltd.:
    • Strengths: Reputation for comfort and affordability, wide product range, and strong domestic market presence.
    • Weaknesses: Limited brand recognition outside of China, and a product design and style that might not appeal to luxury-focused demographics.
  5. Cosmo Lady (Dongguan) Underwear Co. Ltd.:
    • Strengths: Leader in market share, trendy product designs, competitive pricing, and broad appeal to a youthful demographic.
    • Weaknesses: Product quality may not match up to premium brands, and global brand recognition needs strengthening.
  6. Maniform (Shenzhen) Underwear Co. Ltd.:
    • Strengths: Reliable quality, elegant designs, and a variety of products that enhance comfort and confidence.
    • Weaknesses: Brand recognition among younger consumers needs improvement, and the company faces fierce competition from trendier brands.
  7. Gujin (Shanghai) Underwear Co. Ltd.:
    • Strengths: Noted for exquisite design and excellent quality, with products that epitomize elegance.
    • Weaknesses: Higher prices may limit their consumer base, and global brand visibility could be enhanced.
  8. Gracewell (Guangzhou) Underwear Co. Ltd.:
    • Strengths: Solid reputation for quality control and attention to detail, with a diverse product range.
    • Weaknesses: Marketing and brand image need to be modernized to appeal to younger consumers, and international recognition is limited.
  9. Oleno Group (Shantou) Co. Ltd.:
    • Strengths: Over four decades of industry experience, innovative designs, and superior product quality.
    • Weaknesses: Although globally recognized, the brand still faces competition in the Chinese market from emerging brands with aggressive marketing.
  10. Huijie (Shantou) Underwear Co. Ltd.:
  • Strengths: Offers a comfortable design, quality materials, and competitive pricing.
  • Weaknesses: Global brand recognition is limited, and the brand image needs modernizing to appeal to the younger demographic.
  1. Embry Form (Hong Kong) Underwear Co. Ltd.:
  • Strengths: Renowned for innovative products, high-quality materials, and a blend of functionality and fashion.
  • Weaknesses: The high price point may deter cost-sensitive consumers, and the brand faces stiff competition in the domestic market from both international and local brands.
  1. Sunflora (Fuzhou) Underwear Co. Ltd.:
    • Strengths: Known for their product quality, comfort, and contemporary designs, Sunflora is making a mark in the competitive market.
    • Weaknesses: Brand recognition outside China needs to be bolstered, and product diversification could be improved.
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Each of these manufacturers brings a unique combination of strengths to the market, contributing to the rich diversity of China’s underwear industry. Understanding their weaknesses also provides opportunities for growth and improvement.

Underwear Market Trends in China

Market trends provide a lens through which to understand the future trajectory of an industry. The underwear market in China is constantly evolving, and current trends offer invaluable insights for potential investors, partners, and consumers.

  1. Demand for Eco-friendly Materials: A growing trend worldwide, the demand for eco-friendly and sustainable materials in underwear manufacturing has skyrocketed in recent years. As environmental consciousness rises, so does the desire for underwear made from organic cotton, bamboo fibers, and other sustainable resources.
  2. Changing Consumer Preferences: Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly discerning, placing high value on comfort, fit, and design. There’s also a growing demand for personalized and custom-designed underwear.
  3. Advancements in Manufacturing Technology: Innovations in production methods and technologies are transforming the underwear manufacturing industry. These advancements enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and allow for the creation of more complex and refined designs.
  4. Impact of Global Trade Dynamics: Shifts in international trade agreements and regulations impact import and export dynamics, thus influencing the strategies of Chinese underwear manufacturers.
Demand for Eco-friendly MaterialsIncrease in the production of sustainable underwear
Changing Consumer PreferencesDemand for comfortable, well-fitted, and personalized designs
Advancements in Manufacturing TechnologyGreater efficiency, cost reductions, and intricate designs
Impact of Global Trade DynamicsAdjustments in import/export strategies


In conclusion, the underwear manufacturing industry in China is both diverse and dynamic. It encompasses a range of companies, each with its own unique strengths, weaknesses, and market strategies. From Victoria’s Secret’s luxurious appeal to Nanjiren’s focus on comfort and affordability, these manufacturers cater to a wide spectrum of consumer needs and preferences.

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Despite the differences, these companies all contribute to China’s prominent role as a global leader in underwear manufacturing. Understanding the strategies and performance of these top players is essential for anyone interested in the lingerie market in China.

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