Unveiling Arizona’s Top 12 Clothing Manufacturers

A Deep Dive into the Vibrant Clothing Manufacturing Scene in Arizona

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The clothing manufacturing industry in Arizona has seen a resurgence in recent years with a focus on local and sustainable practices. This chapter will provide an overview of the clothing manufacturing industry in Arizona, touching on its history, current trends, and its role in the broader U.S. manufacturing sector. Several factors, such as local materials availability, sustainable practices, and a sense of community, contribute to the burgeoning clothing manufacturing scene in the state.

In addition to this, the introduction will discuss the importance of clothing manufacturing to the economy of Arizona, the job opportunities it creates, and the local initiatives and strategies encouraging this industry.

[Table 1.1: Overview of Clothing Manufacturing in Arizona]

HistoryDetails on how the clothing manufacturing industry has evolved in Arizona
Current TrendsThe shift towards local, sustainable, and ethical production
Role in U.S ManufacturingHow Arizona’s clothing manufacturers contribute to the national economy
Unveiling Arizona's Top 12 Clothing Manufacturers

1: Bardown Enterprises

Bardown Enterprises is a family-owned business based in Arizona, with a rich history of producing high-quality custom sports apparel. This chapter will delve into the history of the company, its unique approach to clothing manufacturing, the product offerings, and its commitment to sustainability and ethical production. The discussion will also involve understanding the company’s work culture, their design and manufacturing process, and how they maintain a competitive edge in the market.

[Table 2.1: Key Highlights of Bardown Enterprises]

HistoryHow the company was founded and its journey so far
Manufacturing ProcessA look into their unique approach to clothing manufacturing
ProductsOverview of the product offerings

2: State Forty Eight

State Forty Eight is a well-renowned brand in Arizona known for its clothing designs inspired by the state’s beauty and diversity. This chapter will examine the brand’s founding, its core values, and how these are reflected in its products. It will also discuss the brand’s efforts in promoting Arizona’s culture and heritage through their designs, community involvement, and charitable contributions.

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[Table 3.1: Key Highlights of State Forty Eight]

FoundingThe story of how the brand was created
Core ValuesHow the brand’s values are reflected in their product offerings
Community InvolvementThe brand’s contributions to the community and culture of Arizona

3. Fed By Threads

Fed By Threads is a clothing manufacturer in Arizona that emphasizes sustainability, ethical labor practices, and giving back to the community. This chapter will dive into the company’s history, mission, and the unique approach they take to manufacturing clothing. The emphasis will be on their commitment to producing eco-friendly apparel and their contributions to feeding American families.

[Table 4.1: Key Highlights of Fed By Threads]

HistoryThe origins of the company and its evolution
SustainabilityHow the company’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its manufacturing processes
Social ImpactThe company’s contributions to feeding American families

4: F.A.B.R.I.C

Fashion And Business Resource Innovation Center, or F.A.B.R.I.C, is more than a clothing manufacturer – it’s a hub for fashion entrepreneurs. This chapter will cover the unique role F.A.B.R.I.C plays in the Arizona clothing manufacturing landscape. From providing resources for new designers to housing a fully-equipped apparel production house, F.A.B.R.I.C offers a comprehensive suite of services to the local fashion community.

[Table 5.1: Key Highlights of F.A.B.R.I.C]

RoleHow F.A.B.R.I.C is aiding fashion entrepreneurship in Arizona
ServicesThe resources and support provided by F.A.B.R.I.C
ImpactHow F.A.B.R.I.C is shaping the fashion scene in Arizona
Unveiling Arizona's Top 12 Clothing Manufacturers

5: High Caliber Line

High Caliber Line, a promotional products manufacturer in Arizona, is renowned for its diverse range of customizable clothing. This chapter will examine the company’s origins, product offerings, and how they manage to produce a vast array of customizable products. Emphasis will be laid on their innovative approach to meeting customer needs and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

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[Table 6.1: Key Highlights of High Caliber Line]

OriginsThe beginnings of High Caliber Line
Product RangeOverview of the diverse and customizable product offerings
Business ModelHow High Caliber Line meets customer needs and stays competitive

6: Sportiqe Apparel Co.

Sportiqe Apparel Co. is an Arizona-based clothing manufacturer specializing in comfortable sports apparel. This chapter will delve into the company’s history, its philosophy of comfort, and its unique blend of sports and lifestyle apparel. It will highlight the brand’s commitment to producing high-quality, comfortable clothing, and its popularity among sports fans and athletes alike.

[Table 7.1: Key Highlights of Sportiqe Apparel Co.]

HistoryA look at the company’s origins and evolution
PhilosophyThe company’s dedication to comfort in sportswear
Product RangeAn overview of the unique blend of sports and lifestyle apparel

7: Atac Sportswear

Atac Sportswear is a leading manufacturer of custom sports apparel in Arizona. This chapter will discuss the company’s dedication to producing high-performance sportswear and how their cutting-edge production techniques and fabric technology enhance athletic performance. We will delve into their commitment to quality, customer service, and how they cater to a wide array of sports disciplines.

[Table 8.1: Key Highlights of Atac Sportswear]

CommitmentThe company’s dedication to high-quality, high-performance sportswear
Production TechniquesA look at their advanced production methods and fabric technology
Sports DisciplinesThe range of sports disciplines catered to by Atac Sportswear

8: Proof Printing

Proof Printing isn’t just a printing company; they are a design hub that offers custom apparel printing services. This chapter will explore the company’s offerings, their innovative approach to design and printing, and how they cater to diverse customer needs. We will look into their commitment to quality and their steps to ensure customer satisfaction.

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[Table 9.1: Key Highlights of Proof Printing]

OfferingsA look at the design and custom printing services of Proof Printing
ApproachHow the company uses innovation in design and printing
Customer SatisfactionThe company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

9: Sportex Safety

Sportex Safety is a prominent manufacturer of high-quality safety clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) based in Arizona. This chapter will delve into the company’s history, its commitment to safety in the workplace, and the wide range of products it offers. The discussion will center on the quality standards they adhere to, their approach to safety apparel, and their impact on various industries.

[Table 10.1: Key Highlights of Sportex Safety]

HistoryA brief look at the evolution of Sportex Safety
Safety CommitmentAn exploration of the company’s dedication to workplace safety
Product RangeAn overview of the safety clothing and PPE produced by the company

10: Watson’s Hat Shop

Watson’s Hat Shop, located in Cave Creek, Arizona, represents a unique segment of the clothing industry — hat manufacturing. This chapter will explore the history of the shop, their dedication to craftsmanship, and the wide variety of hat styles they offer. It will also highlight their commitment to preserving the timeless art of hat making.

[Table 11.1: Key Highlights of Watson’s Hat Shop]

HistoryThe origins and journey of Watson’s Hat Shop
CraftsmanshipTheir dedication to the art and craftsmanship of hat making
Hat StylesA look at the diverse hat styles offered by the shop

11: Lane Award Manufacturing Inc

Lane Award Manufacturing Inc, while not a conventional clothing manufacturer, plays a significant role in the Arizona manufacturing scene through the production of embroidered apparel. This chapter will examine the company’s history, their services, and their commitment to quality. The emphasis will be on their embroidery services and how they cater to a wide range of industries.

[Table 12.1: Key Highlights of Lane Award Manufacturing Inc]

HistoryThe story of Lane Award Manufacturing Inc
ServicesAn overview of the company’s embroidery and other services
Quality CommitmentTheir dedication to quality in every product


This chapter will serve as a wrap-up, synthesizing the information about the twelve diverse clothing manufacturers in Arizona. The emphasis will be on the unique strengths each of these manufacturers brings to the state’s economy and the industry as a whole. We’ll discuss the future of clothing manufacturing in Arizona, including potential growth areas and challenges.

An in-depth look at the impact of the local culture and environment on the industry, as well as a comparison of the traditional and modern manufacturing approaches among the various manufacturers, will be included. Finally, the chapter will conclude with a few key takeaways and potential future trends in Arizona’s clothing manufacturing scene.

[Table 13.1: Summary of Arizona’s Top Clothing Manufacturers]

ManufacturerUnique StrengthsImpact on Arizona’s Economy
Bardown EnterprisesCustom sports apparelContributes to the local sports culture and economy
State Forty EightArizona-inspired designsPromotes Arizona’s culture and heritage
Fed By ThreadsSustainability and social impactAdvocates for sustainable practices and community support
F.A.B.R.I.CFashion entrepreneurshipFosters creativity and business growth in the local fashion community
High Caliber LineCustomizable promotional productsFuels marketing efforts for businesses across various sectors
Sportiqe Apparel Co.Comfortable sports apparelMeets the demand for quality sportswear
Atac SportswearHigh-performance sportswearSupports athletes and promotes a healthy lifestyle
Proof PrintingCustom apparel printingProvides innovative design solutions
Sportex SafetySafety clothing and PPEEnsures workplace safety across industries
Watson’s Hat ShopCraftsmanship in hat makingPreserves the art of hat making
Lane Award Manufacturing IncEmbroidered apparelOffers quality embroidery services across industries

That concludes our exploration of the top 12 clothing manufacturers in Arizona. Each of these manufacturers represents a unique aspect of the vibrant, diverse, and growing clothing manufacturing industry in the state, and their stories demonstrate the value and potential of local, innovative manufacturing.

Unveiling Arizona's Top 12 Clothing Manufacturers


  1. What are the top clothing manufacturers in Arizona?

The top clothing manufacturers in Arizona include Bardown Enterprises, State Forty Eight, Fed By Threads, F.A.B.R.I.C, High Caliber Line, Sportiqe Apparel Co., Atac Sportswear, Proof Printing, Sportex Safety, Watson’s Hat Shop, and Lane Award Manufacturing Inc.

  1. What factors are contributing to the growth of clothing manufacturing in Arizona?

Factors such as the availability of local materials, sustainable practices, a supportive community, and local initiatives encouraging the industry have contributed to the growth of clothing manufacturing in Arizona.

  1. How is sustainability reflected in Arizona’s clothing manufacturing scene?

Many manufacturers, like Fed By Threads and State Forty Eight, are focusing on sustainable practices, using eco-friendly materials and processes, and contributing to social causes.

  1. Which Arizona clothing manufacturers offer custom apparel?

Bardown Enterprises, High Caliber Line, and Proof Printing are among the manufacturers offering custom apparel in Arizona.

  1. What unique products do these manufacturers offer?

Each manufacturer offers unique products, such as comfortable sports apparel by Sportiqe, high-performance sportswear by Atac, safety clothing by Sportex, and crafted hats by Watson’s Hat Shop.

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