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Hong Kong’s textile and clothing manufacturing industry is a key player in the global fashion world. With its unique blend of Western innovation and Eastern tradition, Hong Kong offers a plethora of clothing manufacturers and suppliers that cater to different markets, trends, and styles. In this article, we will delve into eight of the best clothing manufacturers and suppliers in Hong Kong. Each is distinguished by their commitment to quality, creativity, and the reliable supply of stylish, durable clothing.

1. Chungsam Knitting Factory Ltd.

Chungsam Knitting Factory Ltd. has solidified its reputation as one of the foremost clothing manufacturers in Hong Kong since its establishment in 1962. The company’s prowess lies in its specialization in producing high-quality knitwear for both local and international clients.

Its expertise and experience span from regular cotton knits to intricate jacquard patterns, showcasing the company’s versatility and breadth in design. Chungsam offers a full range of services from initial design to final delivery, ensuring a streamlined process for its customers. Their client list boasts numerous renowned global brands, testifying to their reliability and dedication to delivering superior quality products.

Service HighlightsDescription
ExperienceOver 60 years
Key ServicesDesign to delivery

2. Charm Star International Ltd.

Charm Star International Ltd. has been operating in the industry since 1986. Over the decades, it has grown into a well-respected name within the Hong Kong clothing manufacturing sector. Charm Star focuses on producing a broad range of apparel, including sportswear, casualwear, and children’s clothing.

Their manufacturing process adheres to strict quality control standards. They use state-of-the-art machinery to ensure precision, durability, and consistency in their products. Charm Star International Ltd. services a wide range of markets worldwide, exemplifying their versatility and adaptability to different fashion trends and customer preferences.

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Service HighlightsDescription
SpecializationSportswear, Casualwear, Children’s clothing
ExperienceOver 30 years
Key ServicesManufacturing, Quality Control
Top 8 Clothing Manufacturers in Hong Kong

3. Everest Textile Co., Ltd.

Everest Textile Co., Ltd., established in 1988, has been an industry innovator in producing high-performance and eco-friendly textiles. They specialize in manufacturing functional sportswear, casual wear, and outdoor apparel. Everest Textile is recognized globally for their commitment to sustainability and technological advancements in fabric production.

Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and dedicated R&D department allow them to continually innovate while maintaining high-quality standards. With an international client base, Everest Textile Co., Ltd. has demonstrated expertise and reliability in providing solutions tailored to diverse market needs.

Service HighlightsDescription
SpecializationHigh-Performance, Eco-Friendly Apparel
ExperienceOver 30 years
Key ServicesInnovation, R&D, Quality Assurance

4. Well Bright Industrial Ltd.

Well Bright Industrial Ltd., established in 1977, has developed a robust reputation for producing high-quality baby and children’s clothing. With an unwavering commitment to quality, they have earned the trust of numerous international brands as their preferred supplier.

Well Bright prioritizes safety and comfort in their designs, understanding the unique needs of their target market. Their clothes are not only stylish but also designed with functionality and durability in mind. Their dedication to delivering top-notch products and service has made them a go-to manufacturer in the children’s clothing industry.

Service HighlightsDescription
SpecializationBaby and Children’s Clothing
ExperienceOver 40 years
Key ServicesQuality Assurance, Design and Manufacturing

5. Ka Ming Hong Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1980, Ka Ming Hong Co., Ltd. has built a strong reputation in the industry as a top supplier of fashion accessories and clothing. Their diverse product range includes everything from scarves and hats to men’s and women’s apparel.

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What sets Ka Ming Hong apart is their emphasis on innovation and trends. Their dedicated design team stays ahead of the latest fashion trends, allowing them to consistently deliver stylish and fresh designs to their clients. With a focus on versatility, they cater to a variety of markets and client needs, making them a reliable choice for businesses seeking a wide product range.

Service HighlightsDescription
SpecializationFashion Accessories and Clothing
ExperienceOver 40 years
Key ServicesDesign, Manufacturing, Trend Forecasting

6. Long Rise Garment Company Limited

Since its establishment in 1989, Long Rise Garment Company Limited has made its mark as a leading manufacturer of men’s and women’s clothing. They specialize in high-quality woven garments, including shirts, blouses, jackets, and pants.

One of Long Rise Garment’s key strengths is its comprehensive, vertically integrated production process. They manage every stage of manufacturing, from fabric procurement and pattern development to sewing and packaging. This end-to-end service ensures consistent quality and efficient production, making Long Rise Garment a trusted partner for many international brands.

Service HighlightsDescription
SpecializationWoven Garments
ExperienceOver 30 years
Key ServicesIntegrated Manufacturing, Quality Control

7. Lucky Rich Industrial Ltd.

Lucky Rich Industrial Ltd. is a well-established clothing manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the industry. The company stands out with its specializations in denim and jeans manufacturing. From classic cuts to contemporary designs, Lucky Rich Industrial Ltd. is a leader in crafting top-quality denim wear.

Their commitment to using quality raw materials combined with meticulous craftsmanship ensures a superior finished product. Moreover, they are known for their rigorous quality control processes that guarantee the consistent quality of every piece they produce.

Service HighlightsDescription
SpecializationDenim and Jeans
ExperienceOver 30 years
Key ServicesDesign, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance

8. Hon Ji Garment Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hon Ji Garment Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1986, has been consistently providing top-notch clothing manufacturing services. They specialize in men’s and women’s casual wear, with a product range encompassing t-shirts, blouses, trousers, and jackets.

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What sets Hon Ji apart is their focus on integrating advanced technology into their production process. By adopting automation, they are able to enhance efficiency and precision, thereby ensuring high-quality, consistent output. Their innovative approach, coupled with a commitment to customer service, makes them a reliable partner in the global clothing manufacturing industry.

Service HighlightsDescription
SpecializationMen’s and Women’s Casual Wear
ExperienceOver 30 years
Key ServicesAutomated Manufacturing, Quality Assurance


Hong Kong’s textile and clothing manufacturing industry is renowned for its high standards, innovation, and commitment to quality. Whether you’re seeking top-notch knitwear, functional sportswear, or trendy accessories, these eight manufacturers – Chungsam Knitting Factory Ltd., Charm Star International Ltd., Everest Textile Co., Ltd., Well Bright Industrial Ltd., Ka Ming Hong Co., Ltd., Long Rise Garment Company Limited, Lucky Rich Industrial Ltd., and Hon Ji Garment Industrial Co., Ltd. – each bring their unique strengths and specializations to the table. With their deep experience and dedication to quality, these manufacturers stand as testament to the vibrancy and reliability of Hong Kong’s clothing industry.

Top 8 Clothing Manufacturers in Hong Kong


1. Why choose Hong Kong clothing manufacturers?

Hong Kong clothing manufacturers are renowned for their high-quality production standards, innovative designs, and adherence to stringent safety regulations. They offer a diverse range of products, catering to various market segments worldwide.

2. What types of clothing do these manufacturers specialize in?

These manufacturers specialize in a wide range of clothing, including knitwear, sportswear, casual wear, baby and children’s clothing, fashion accessories, woven garments, and denim wear.

3. Do these manufacturers follow eco-friendly practices?

Some manufacturers, like Everest Textile Co., Ltd., are known for their commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable practices in their manufacturing process.

4. Can these manufacturers cater to large orders?

Yes, these manufacturers have the capacity to handle large-scale orders while ensuring high quality and timely delivery.

5. Do these manufacturers only cater to businesses, or can individuals also place orders?

While most of these manufacturers cater primarily to businesses, it’s best to directly contact the manufacturer for individual order inquiries.

6. How can I ensure the quality of the products from these manufacturers?

These manufacturers follow strict quality control processes. Furthermore, their long-standing reputations and partnerships with renowned brands vouch for their product quality. However, you should always request samples before placing large orders.

7. Do these manufacturers offer design services?

Yes, most of these manufacturers offer comprehensive services from initial design to final delivery, ensuring a streamlined process for their clients.

8. What is the standard lead time for these manufacturers?

Lead times can vary based on the order’s complexity and size. It’s recommended to directly contact the manufacturers for specific lead time inquiries.

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